Website Design

A website is the most important tool you will purchase for your small business. Your online presence is the most affordable manner in which to reach new customers and generate increasing profits.

Your Competitor
In an ever-changing market, savvy small business owners keep tabs on their competitors, work to gain insight on trends, and come up with new strategies for staying ahead of the competition. If your competitors have a website, you should think strongly about having one, too.

While some businesses are open 24 hours a day, most business hours remain limited to a more traditional workday schedule. With a website, customers can view your products and services on their own schedules, even long after your normal operating hours.

Has anyone ever asked for your business email address? Are you currently using a personal email address from your Internet service provider or a free email account for business contacts? You can raise the level of prestige and branding for your business with an email address that includes your company name or services. We always include personalized email accounts when we set up your website.

We recommend the WordPress platform to create websites as it operates as a user friendly content management system (CMS) which allows you to make updates and changes to the content on your site. Currently 19% of all the websites on the internet use WordPress, which is approximately 74.6 million websites, so it is a very well supported system.

Social Media
The popularity of facebook and twitter has exploded in recent years and today it is vital to maintain a social media presence to connect with your customers and clients, as well improving your own website’s search ranking. We can help advise you and set up the social media accounts which would be the most beneficial to your business.

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